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20 rules for a rich, successful and happy life

  1. It’s important to think positively, no matter how trite it sounds. And not only to think, but also to act must also be positive.
  2. Don’t be overwhelmed by several different things. Do one thing and fully concentrate on it.
  3. Take responsibility. Don’t be afraid to do this.
  4. The dream must be the goal. Desire must become intention. Thought must become action.
  5. Success in any business is just a matter of hard work and effort. It is a matter of passion for the work and the ability to keep working during periods when this passion disappears. No talent exists. As well as geniuses.
  6. Step out of your comfort zone all the time. Do what you’ve never done before.
  7. Surround yourself with smart, interesting, and reliable people.
  8. By helping others, you are helping yourself.
  9. Don’t surround yourself with a bunch of unnecessary things. Most things are.
  10. There is a direct relationship: when there is little free time, then there is much more energy and desire to do something, and when there is a lot of free time, then this energy is not. Be busy people. And less time wasted.
    It’s easy to do, you just need to constantly ask yourself – what am I doing now?
  11. We were born, we live on this planet – this is already a great success, which, if you think about it, with a high degree of probability, could not have happened.
    We got a chance, and we say that we do not have enough motivation for anything.
    Everyone has goals (dreams), this one life, so how can there be no motivation?
    How can you do nothing and just swim and flush this life down the toilet?
    Dream! Set goals! And achieve it all!
    It is the transience of life that gives it its beauty. The fact that one day we will die is exactly the reason why our present day is so important.
  12. As soon as there is a desire not to do something (and you need to do it) – just take it and do it without hesitation. (e.g. unwanted phone call, some business)
  13. It is necessary to act without expecting anything and not relying on anyone. Rely only on yourself and your strength. Never expect events or people to push you forward.
  14. How much energy you invest (in some business, or in some person), you get so much back.
  15. Life loves those who do not complain about it.
  16. It is important to selflessly help everyone around you.
  17. You must try in all matters, even the smallest and least useful. This is done to develop the right habit of doing everything well.
  18. In various developed and rich countries, the so-called “Ratings of Regret” are compiled. Elderly people (60, 70, 80, 90) are asked what they most regret at the end of their life.
    And you know what’s interesting? Time passes, but the main regrets remain unchanged.
    The first and apparently most important regret is that a huge part of life was spent on hated work.
    And all other regrets follow from the first.
    In second place is the small amount of time devoted to close and loved ones. On the third – regret that they were so reckless about their health and body – here they mean improper nutrition and non-observance of elementary physical culture. Next comes the regret that little (or at all) did not travel.
    What can be emphasized from this information? Yes, the fact that no one regrets that he had not bought enough apartments or cars, new smartphones or expensive shoes. None of those surveyed regretted not spending enough time wandering around bars and nightclubs. So draw your conclusions, ladies and gentlemen.
  19. If you cannot influence the circumstances, change your attitude towards them. You can do that.
  20. Never advise anyone, even if you have achieved something (of course, if you are not specifically asked from this).

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