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17 rules for a rich, successful and happy life (part 3)

  1. Maintain a good relationship with your parents, on your part.
  2. You need a social circle that will push you up, forward.
  3. Observe the daily routine (get up early, go to bed early). Proper nutrition.
  4. Don’t compare yourself to other people. Compare only yourself with yourself yesterday.
  5. The career ladder should look like this: Employment > Freelancing > Your own business > Investing
  6. Accumulation of money. The earlier the better. Never spend everything you earn.
  7. The environment has a very strong effect on humans. Therefore, you need to take this matter seriously.
  8. For a man, work should come first, and family should come second (for a woman, the opposite) A man must always solve problems. This is its nature.
  9. Scientifically proven: if you do one thing every day for 2 months, then after this time it will become your favorite. Sometimes you have to do it through force, perhaps.
  10. Ordinary people discuss other people, smart people discuss events, brilliant people discuss ideas.
  11. Always follow through. No laziness and defocus.
  12. It is imperative to feel the state of “profit”, irregular income, in order to realize that this is how you can earn.
  13. Do whatever depends on you, and come what may.
  14. Keep track of expenses / incomes.
  15. Control your spending. Do not make “emotional” spending.
  16. Education is essential. And not just education in a broad sense, but teaching exactly those skills that will bring money. It’s worth investing your time and money in.
  17. Try to distribute your earnings in the following way:
    50% – everyday expenses,
    10% – charity,
    10% – entertainment,
    10% – long-term spending,
    10% – education,
    10% – investments.

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