Will you become rich?

Test “Will you become rich?” consists of only 10 yes / no questions. It does not take a lot of time.
Of course, this test will help you in the future.
So go ahead and take the test! And good luck!

Do you save some of the money you earn?
Do you work "for yourself" (or, perhaps, combine any part-time job with the main job)?
Do you like to study, try something new?
Do you play sports?
Do you get up early?
Do you control your spending?
Do you study biographies of successful people?
Do you have any loans?
Do you like money?
Does money love you?

Question 1 of 10

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In the comments a lot of things are asked about how to become rich.
Firstly, thanks for your questions!
I will try to answer simply and briefly.
Understand that there is no magic pill for wealth. There is no money button.
All the principles of wealth are actually very simple:

  1. Learn. Learning a profession and learning English will definitely help you on the path to wealth.
  2. Work hard and hard. Do not try to do many things at once. Do one thing, but do it well.
  3. Try to communicate more with those people who earn more than you.
  4. If your city / country is very poor and has no prospects – rather leave from there.
  5. Accustom yourself to saving.
  6. Every time you earn some money – save a small part (the main thing here is to accustom yourself to such a useful habit)

To begin with – do it and wealth will certainly come to you.


A few more words.

What is called the “secret of rich people” is nothing more than hard work and the right attitude to money. It’s all! Of course, there are lucky ones who got a huge inheritance as a gift, or they won some incredible amount in the lottery, but such people are an absolute minority.

And if we talk about the majority of wealthy people, then these 2 above-mentioned things are what distinguishes them from most others. Think about how you or how most people spend their money? We spend everything we earn. And this is one of our biggest mistakes. You need to accustom yourself to saving some of it every time you have money. Let this part be quite small, it is not that important. It is more important to develop this habit in yourself. And only then, when some amount has accumulated, think about how to properly dispose of it.

Setting aside, say, 5% of your income per month is not that difficult. And you won’t even feel it. But after a year, you will see that you were able to save up a good amount of money.

322 thoughts on “Will you become rich?”

      1. The exercise has really stimulated my mind and could change my mind set which will lead me to a greater height

          1. Abdul Majeed Malik

            A good suggestion. I will become a rich man.the pts incorporated and notified no doubt must be exercised.

          1. Good to make money in life.because money answereit all things. Then at the same time! The fear of God is the beginning of all things thanks

      1. Renie rose caballero

        Yes to become a rich and for my family and help many people cause in pandemic covid 19 many people needed help because of this tradegy.

    1. 👍👍👍👍😓😓😭🥵😪😪👦👦🍓🍓❤👍😋😉😀😉😅😅🤣😍👑👑😀🤔😅😉🤔🔕⛈💭💭📌👎⛈🤙⛈

    1. Musoba Robert desiderious

      Good idea,I like it, but the most is when Jesus Christ is in your work, and full of dressing faith in the activity you perform.

    1. I have always wanted to work with animals and I love all species, also knowing the fact of how they mistreated in other countries is really sad, I would love to get a job withing working with all animals,
      This has helped me more and thankyou.

  1. How i wish i could win even little amount for my fathers medicine mentenance im just vendor now i dont have work maam/sir..this is big help for me.god bless us all

  2. I would like also be rich and i help others because I live in a poor country. Now how can i be rich. In a country where i live, i earn little and i save little.

  3. Yah.. Its true money goes to those who look/such for it.
    The only big challenge is how to save it waoooo… I wish I had that power to keep it in my wallet,anyway I will try that idea like whatever it may take. Thanks please.

  4. Will you become rich? Online test it is very useful,
    I also shared it on my facebook.
    Many thanks! 🙂

    1. Hello!
      thanks for the comment and for the repost!
      Unfortunately, we cannot post links to sites we are not familiar with, so your comment has been edited.

  5. a current medium of exchange in the form of coins and banknotes; coins and banknotes collectively. ALL OF US WE NEED MONEY

  6. Hello ,how are you all mans, i am seeking for an honest and trustworthy
    baby that i can sporil with all the good things in life ,i have been
    single .

  7. how can I trust this? I don’t know any thing about it but what I believe is only hard working and I never let any opportunity like this go away for me that why I want to become rich

  8. Yes I like money to help my children for their School fees and also I’d like to purchase a car for myself.

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