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Save or waste money?

The main difference between rich and poor people is not even that the former have everything, and the latter do not, but in thinking, and, as a result, in actions.

Surely you have already heard this many times: if you give a poor million, then after a while he will become poor again. And vice versa, if you take everything from a rich person, then after a while he will get rich again. These examples clearly reflect the differences in thinking.

Accordingly, we must strive to think correctly (in relation to money, at least).

The first step to sound financial thinking is simply not spending whatever you earn. This is the biggest mistake most people make. And many spend even more than they earn (loans) – this is generally, one might say, a financial disaster. We do not urge you not to take out a loan in any way, because situations can be different. We call for an understanding of the fact that credit is a delicate tool that you need to know how to use. But we will talk about loans with you in another article.

So, we realized that we cannot spend absolutely everything that we have earned. Instead, let’s set aside some of the money. At least just for a short-term deposit in the bank. This is the easiest and most affordable way to save money. After you learn how to save money, you can already think about more advanced ways (investing in one form or another).

Yes, this way you will not get rich quickly (and as we will discuss in another article, there is no quick wealth). By keeping some of the money you earn, you become more financially disciplined, and this is what will allow you to achieve financial success in the future.

Start saving money today!


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